Our Products

The inherent properties of our materials provide outstanding compressibility and resiliency, as well as resistance to mold and bacterial growth. Our products are manufactured to FDA guidelines and are available in a comprehensive range of densities to meet the specific requirements of your application. Supplied as roll stock, your designated strip width is held to a tolerance of +/-0.03125″—the most precise in the industry.

Benefits of J.S. Plastics materials:

  • Suitable for liquid and dry applications
  • Excellent compressibility and resiliency
  • Resistant to mold and bacterial growth
  • Feeds through machinery with ease
  • Cuts clean with negligible wear to tooling
  • Eliminates dusting associated with pulp
  • Compatible with automated material handling systems

At J.S. Plastics, providing materials that consistently exceed expectations is the heart of our business. We take extraordinary quality control measures to attain this end. We continue to research and evaluate new materials, production process and product features to always bring you the best lining and gasket materials available.

J.S. Plastics Data Sheets

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