Product Name: VentSeal® 76
Product Type: One piece, three-ply coextruded liner.
Material: Low density polyethylene skin top and bottom with foamed polyolefin core.
Composition: Core and outer skin fusion. Closed cell foam core of LDPE is sandwiched within LDPE. This results in a chemically fused, single polymeric product.
Composition Benefits: Symmetrical construction – either side serves as the liner face.
Single polymeric product – no ply-separation.
Application: Specifically designed for products which sustain a pressure build-up. Parallel channels on one side facilitate venting.
Channels are indented .015″ (+/- .005″)
Compatibility: VentSeal® 76 is chemically inert, odorless, tasteless and dust-free. Good resistance to acids, alkalies, slow solvents, alcohols, oils and aqueous products. Poor resistance to active hydrocarbon solvents.
Performance Values: Excellent sealability, resiliency and compression recovery. Excellent torque retention.
Thickness / Width: Thickness = .040″ (+/- .005″).
Widths from 1″ to 36″ (+/- .031″)
Density: 24 < 28 lbs/ft3
Color: FDA approved white.
Custom colors available upon request.
FDA Status: Drug Master File #12831. this material complies with FDA regulation 177.1520(c) 3.1 for food contact application.

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